Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is the only cosmetic treatment to use plasma to eliminate excess skin. It is known for its success with Non Surgical Eye lift, Scar Lifting Treatments, Wrinkle Reduction, Tummy Tightening and so much more.  This process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibers to create a lifting, remodeling and rejuvenating effect. Most areas of the face and body can be treated. 

Plasma Skin Tightening is a relatively new innovation in the beauty industry in USA but has been used for several years in Europe. The device works by utilizing the voltage in the air between its metal tip and the skin, to form a plasma charge. An electrical arc is created and instantly shrinks the targeted skin leaving a tiny carbonized dot. The tissue retraction and tightening occurs immediately and continues for weeks after the treatment. The procedure normally takes 30 to 90 minutes to perform, depending on the size of the area being treated.


FibroBlast Plasma Skin Tightening is more than a simple tightening treatment (skin volume is actually reduced), the effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery.  Like all surgical and cosmetic procedures, the effects of fibroblast are not entirely permanent as it does not stop any further aging, but the positive results should last years depending on the area treated.  The positive effects of treatment will be noticeable almost immediately after the first treatment, but the greatest results are seen after 12 weeks. Patience is a virtue with this treatment! For most, an additional treatment may be required after 8 - 12 weeks for maximum results.  Additionally, there are lifestyle factors that can prevent the result from lasting as long as they can, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolonged sun exposure. 

The number of treatments required will vary according to the area being treated, skin laxity, the degree of correction desired and the individual’s response to the treatment. Most clients see some degree of results instantly and this continues to improve over the course of the following 12 weeks. Most of us will require two or three treatments to achieve best results. (Follow-up treatments to the same area are offered at  fifty percent)  Appointments must be spaced out at 8 - 12 weeks intervals.


  • The client should be in good health at the time of the appointment, with no preexisting health conditions. If the client displays signs of cold or flu the treatment should be rescheduled. 

  • Clients skin should not be inflamed in the area we are treating prior to procedure. 

  • Clients prone to keloid scars are not ideal candidates. 

  • Clients with diabetes, healing disorders or lymphatic draining issues should not undergo treatment. 

  • Clients with a sunburn/suntan should postpone treatment. 

  • Clients who have a history of Hyperpigmentation/Hypopigmentation are not ideal candidates. 

  • The client must not display any tanning at the time of the treatment.  

  • The client must not display herpes simplex (cold sores when working in the lip area) It is recommended they consult with their medical Doctor and begin taking the prescription Valtrex 3 days prior to treatment and 4 days following treatment. 

  • Clients wearing a pacemaker or similar are not to receive this treatment 

  • Clients who are pregnant or nursing are not ideal candidates. 

  • Clients should have eyelash extensions REMOVED prior to eye lift treatment. 

  • This treatment is only recommended on Fitzpatrick Scales 1-3 

  • Fibroblast Treatment is not advised for those with darker skin tone. This is because there is a higher risk of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or hypo-pigmentation (light spots) following treatment.   

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