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Customized? Why?

Our skin is unique to each of us, not 'one size fits all'. Customized simply means every facial treatment and home care product will be specialized and individualized, just for you; tailored to address your skincare concerns and goals, each and every visit. Whatever you need to address, be it fine lines and wrinkles, lack of firmness, pigmentation issues, dull complexion, congested pores or rosacea, or you simply want to relax and recharge, your treatment is fully customized to achieve exactly that.


Perfect first facial. Suitable for any skin type and condition.

Ultrasonic device ensures deep cleaned skin and optimal product delivery. Customized Glow  is tailored to meet and treat any skin concerns you have during your visit.  Your skin will be smooth, soft and clear. You will be relaxed and rejuvenated.




Not sure what you need but know you want more than the basics?  Choose More Glow  Time.  We will customize  a facial just for you using more advanced techniques, devices and products.



Looking for some real relaxation? The Zen Glow is for you.  All the benefits of a customized facial with extra focus on tranquility and peacefulness.  Kansa Wand,  Rose Quartz Crystal massage stones induce a sense of well being and serenity.


Prices subjet to change witout notice

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