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Have you always wanted clear, vibrant, glowing skin? Maybe you'd love to have gorgeous black lashes without having to apply mascara. Wondered how to get that pouty looking lip without injections? I can help. After suffering with cystic acne as a 19 year old and now, at 63 years young,  working to slow the aging process, I understand the frustration of attaining, and maintaining, a beautifully vibrant skin.  With 28 years experience as an esthetician, my passion still, is helping my clients achieve their beauty goals, whether it is a clear, luminous complexion, beautifully shaped eyebrows or a new look with make-up.

I began my skin care practice in Miami, Florida, gaining a reputation as a friendly, progressive esthetician, quickly building a loyal, international clientele.  My knowledge base expands and stays current by constantly attending specialty classes and seminars.  I'm certified in Dermaplaning, Microcurrent, Micro channeling Collagen Induction Therapy (microneedling), Microdermabrasion  and The Raindrop Technique.  

My goal is  to help clients achieve healthy, gorgeous skin and  to nurture their own beautiful, radiant inner glow.




My approach to skin care is simple: progressive, not aggressive. It's a blend of cutting edge technology, combined with innovative products and techniques, delivering superior results in an inviting, nurturing environment  Gorgeous, glowing skin boosts your confidence and I want you to feel just as confident with a naked face, as you do when wearing makeup.  As professional women we need to put our best selves 'out there'.  Stay-at-home mums, it's essential for you to take time for yourselves, to feel beautiful and vibrant. Taking care, taking time for ourselves, is so important. How you take care of yourself is reflected in how your skin glows, how your eyes shine.  I can help you glow!
Inner Glow Skin Care believes in, and supports, eco-friendly products.
Absolutely no animal testing or animal bi-products!

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