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This advanced therapy is effective for aging concerns such as skin laxity, facial wrinkles and lines, lip lines and crows feet.  Acne scars can also improve from treatments as well as chicken pox scars. Pigmentation issues can be helped. 

General lack of skin radiance and firmness can beimproved with microneedling.  Pore size is refined, overall texture and tone are improved. Pre-treatment assessment and preparation here is essential.  Microneedling is a painless procedure due to the numbing cream applied.  This treatment plays wonderfully with the CO2LIFT and the Blue Peel BioRePeel.  

When scheduling your microneedling treatment please make arrangements to pick up your numbing cream from the Inner Glow studio.   

PLEASE NOTEThis is not for first time clients. Schedule a Customized Glow Facial to allow for a thorough consultation and skin analysis.

Client compliance will boost the effectiveness of this (or any) treatment.  It is highly recommended you use the suggested professional home care. 

Each treatment includes a NeoGeneisis Serum and Barrier Repair cream for five days post-treatment home use. Value $40+

Single                         $210

Series of six                $1060  

Series of three            $550

Numbing Cream         $65 (Enough for 6 treatments)

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