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What is Client Compliance?

Client compliance refers to:

  • Clients adhering to the schedule of appointments when completing a series or programme of treatments.

  • Using any and all prescribed home care products as instructed.

  • Following any and all instructions both pre and post treatments.


Recommended home care products, when used regularly as directed, will boost the results of any skin care treatment. In some cases, for example when receiving the microneedling treatments, it is required that you purchase at the very least one of the professional home care serums.

I am constantly researching skin care companies so that I can make the most effective products. available to you.  I truly want the best for you but it is going to require both you and I working together as a team, for the very best outcome for you. I offer a variety of products there is something to fit everyone’s budget and time limits. I can keep it as simple or as complicated as you like to make it work for you..


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