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Helping Hands

First of all we want to thank you for taking the time to check this page out.  Any help is so very appreciated. 

Here is more information about the family and their lists of wants and needs.  Of course, anything you think they may need or love is welcome.


"My girls are all students at Conifer High School.  I am currently a full-time student studying Holistic Health and to be a yoga teacher at Red Rocks Community College.  *** plays rugby with the Lumberjackies, *** is a musician, and *** is on the gymnastics team through Wulf Rec Center.  We're originally from MN, moving to Conifer in 2005.  On September 2,  ***, *** and I went to participate in the Labor Day of Love community service event in Evergreen.  We came home to find my husband of 20 years, ***, dead in our yard.  He had gone out to split firewood.  *** had a massive heart attack at the age of 43. "

Daughter 14 years old

Needs                                                                                                Wants

Black and white Adidas size 7                                                         Polaroid camera

Black leggings size S                                                                         Black beanie

Scrunchies                                                                                         Overall jean dress size M

Sweater size S                                                                                    Bath bombs

Cute ankle socks                                                                               Black baseball cap

                                                                                                             Gray nail polish


Daughter 16 years old

Needs                                                                                                Wants

Leggings size XS                                                                                Polaroid camera

Soft sweater size S                                                                           Candles

Colored pencils                                                                                 Scented lotion

Jean skirt size 2

Black boots size 5




Daughter 17 years old

Needs                                                                                                 Wants

Batteries AA or AAA

Ankle socks

Art supplies:  canvas, paints,

paintbrushes, watercolor paper, drawing paper

(XXXis an artist.  She's very good and uses art to relax.)

Scented candles

Fluffy blankets

Scented body wash



Needs                                                                                                 Wants                                                                

Target, Walmart, Sam's Club gift cards for supplies                    Instapot   DONE         

All donations should be dropped off at our office.  We will have designated chest.  There will be a box for any gift certificates.  

Thank you.

Billy & Peri